Training Class Details

Course Type Online Course
Date From 5th of June till 7th 2020
From 23rd to 25 Aug.2020
From 13th to 15 Sep.2020
From 20th to 22nd Oct.2020
From 8th to 10th Dec.2020
Duration to 3 Days
Hours Number 5 hours Daily
Estimated Cost In hous-1500 $ Per Day
Public 865 $ per person

Program Outline

How To Love My Job

What should you do if the job you thought you'd enjoy is turning into something other than you expected? maybe your job felt like love at first time you joined, but slowly turned into a struggling stage, or maybe you accepted it Because you need to have a job but knew the actual situation wasn’t what you thought to be.

Loving your job can be hard, especially if you are bored by your work or if you do not feel appreciated. If you are finding it hard to love what you do, there are several ways that you can develop a more positive attitude towards work.

How can you tunes yourself to accept your company and your job and further turned to love your job.

This need you to stop, think it over to find out the good, sweet and best in your job to love it and enjoy your daily activities.

Class Outline

  • Make a match for the best job you may join
  • Get the inside scoop of your job
  • How to adapt that your job is a good fit for you at all times
  • Always ask yourself why you took the job in the first place
  • Create a gratitude and grateful list for your current job
  • List your benefits, complimentary and offers you get from your company
  • Check out the company culture, structure and opportunities
  • Create a high-value workspace for your own
  • How to align your goals with your leader's goals
  • How i can trust senior management to do the right thing
  • Ways to learn to love your job
  • How to have your independence at work and motivate yourself to feel invested in what you do
  • How to eliminate the work stress you face at your daily jobs

Inside the Training

  • Does recruitment job worth to be loved?
  • Yes because I solve my user needs by putting things together
  • Yes as every single day is different and exciting.
  • Yes because of the relationships that we built every day.
  • We love the sense of urgency to meet clients' needs
  • Because i love the negotiation aspect once an offer is ready
  • I am happy recruiter as i love the influence and direction impact on others.
  • I am proud and exciting to see people getting jobs
  • Yes because I love talking to people from everywhere and know how connecting people to new opportunities
  • Yes as we love how hard we have to work, and what we put in to our job.