Our mission is to work with business to create a just and sustainable world. While every company faces a unique set of circumstances, we believe that business can most effectively contribute to this goal and achieve long-term success by:

 Fully integrating sustainability objectives into business strategy, operations, and planning.

 Using its presence in local markets to create lasting and tangible social benefits

 Proactively managing the value chain, both upstream in manufacturing and downstream in the product-use phase

 Developing solutions to climate change and proactively mitigating its impacts

 Respecting human rights

 Participating in mutually beneficial engagements and partnerships with stakeholders

 Supporting informed sustainability decision making by disclosing sustainability performance with clarity and transparency

We work with business to achieve our mission through service offerings, industry practices, working groups, and collaborative initiatives.

Through more than 2000 served client yearly; and our meeting management professionals; ICMD had gain a large experience in the Event Management

From meeting venue selection and event strategy to event marketing and on-site logistics, if you're hosting an event and need the support of an experienced conference management team, you've come to the right place.

Don't go it alone. Whether it's a discrete gathering for a few key decision makers or a groundbreaking event for thousands, we can find your perfect venue and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the most favorable terms for you. We specialize in contracts and know how to protect you. Then, we remain with you beyond the completion of your event to ensure all terms were met.

The face-to-face interaction of a successful meeting is imperative to building great relationships that advance your organization's unique goals. Our certified meeting management professionals work to understand your vision and bring it to life, creating an experience that will enrich and delight your attendees.

A coordinated event marketing plan is essential to maximizing participation of attendees, exhibitors, partners and sponsors. Developing tailored messages for each target audience will help speak to them and increase involvement. Meeting Expectations' event marketing professionals can work to implement and enhance current event marketing plans or develop custom campaigns to drive participation.

Our meeting management professionals serve as "field generals" for an event. While managing and implementing conference plans, they coordinate the efforts of other subject matter experts from Meeting Expectations, your team and various suppliers. They manage timelines and milestones, and are the hub for communications. They are responsible for ensuring that we deliver on all conference objectives.