As a part of our commitment in improving our continues education program;

ICMD in collaboration with her International Partner (Milestones) are offering a wide range of well known and recognized international Certificates in all the Management sections like Finance, HR, Training, Management and Leadership.

You Will Benefit:

 Participation in a recognized professional group

 Increased employee motivation

 An Outstanding professional training program arising out of the certification program

 Recognition among peers for attaining the professional designation

 Extra credential for the employment market/career ladder

 Personal satisfaction of attaining a recognized degree of competency

 Acquire competence in Technical knowledge, ability to apply such knowledge with good judgment, and comprehension of professional responsibility


ICMD - Our training experts challenge and stimulate delegates to capitalize on their creativity while holding them accountable for reality-based execution. All courses have range of hands-on activities so that participants can utilize what they have learned during the course and put it into practice.

Range of hands-on activities to be utilized what they have learned into practice during the course. Group sixe is optimized to allow a high level of interaction among delegates and with the trainer to maximize idea generation, learning from co-delegates and facilitate networking. The training expert uses the highest quality materials to assist the training program. These materials are also designed to ensure that the learning is transferred and reinforced back in the workplace.

Resources appropriate to the learning need include use of books, test-prep CDs, Video, case studies, simulation, self-analysis surveys and use of relevant technologies.

Is a professional training program sponsored by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) in the United States of America. The CM program develops and enhances general management skills and prepares individuals performing or aiming at performing managerial duties to take the C M management certification exams. Those who successfully complete the CM exams achieve the CM certification, a prestigious credential that recognizes competency and professionalism of managers worldwide in all fields.

The Certified Public Accountant (XPA) examination is the most established and recognized profession a l accounting designation. The benefits include higher salary, increased confidence and recognition as a member of an elite group of professionals. The opportunities available to a CPA are positions in a government or not-for-profit organizations, a public or private company, or an accounting firm. No matter what your career goals are, becoming a CPA can help you achieve them faster. test

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation reflects competence in the principles and practices of internal auditing and has served the only internationally accepted designation for internal auditors. Attaining the CIA designation outwardly signifies your achievement and commitment to the profession. Whether you choose to stay within the field of internal auditing or move up within your organization, the broad based understanding of business, risk, and control required of CIAs will serve as an invaluable base of knowledge.

Participants will be prepared to sit for the certification exam containing the domains, tasks and knowledge and skill statements as defined by the role delineation study. E ach domain contains tasks that are measured through the PMP certification progress. In addition, the domain contains knowledge and skills, which are required to competently perform these tasks. They are also cross-cutting knowledge and skills, which are used in multiple domains and tasks.